The Start: Our customer focus


– is the flexible, management-owned consulting company for small and mid-sized producers, vendors & suppliers of consumer goods industries and retail in Europe

– identifies hidden potential in productivity of employees, capacities of machinery & equipment, warehouse & inventory costs, turnover rate of finished goods, cycle and throughput times of raw material, packaging material & semi-finished goods

– is committed to professional results at a defined schedule in cost, quality & service level, leading to a higher level of customer orientation by  clear focus on implementation [12-weeks-5-step-plan]

– provides you with a sustainable competitive edge by lean processes & optimized organization in production, logistics and sales & operations planning

– deploys professionals of the relevant industries, speaking a language understood by your team members and which are able to develop your executives based on their own long-term expertise as managers & consultants

– keeps your budget balanced by clear control of own fixed costs

We: Specialists in  FMCG Lean Supply Chain Management