The objectives: Consulting

Fully aware that you know your core business best, we deliver the methodology and the tools for change, but refrain from explaining your business to you. Our consulting is the catalysis for an awareness of shared responsibility of employees and management team in order to reduce waste in the whole value chain. Our projects have a clear definition in scope and time, we implement and deliver results.

The Mudas [7M]:
Steadily less

Together with you and your employees we identify potential sources of waste [jpn.: “muda”], reduce it and consequently increase the proportion of added value.
The lean principles [4P]:
Steadily leaner 
Together we apply the lean principles and optimize material flow as well as processes.
The right things [5R]:
Steadily better
We enhance the awareness of your team members for the essential things. We eliminate actions and process steps which are not clear or redundant and we set the focus on concrete demands.
The unavoidable question [5W]:
Steadily more precise
During our workshops we ask the unavoidable questions, search for problems and root causes and we go into the details.
The personal
responsibility [5S]:
Steadily more organized
Preparing the aims of the project, the personal responsibility of affected team members will be  strengthened, room for manoeuvre will be enlarged, standards put into operation and measures implemented.

With experts for organisational and process optimization in production, scheduling, vendor management, logistics and distribution.