The success factors: Lean Supply Chain Management

The key elements in the value chain of your enterprise are supply, vendor management, production & logistics. Your competitive advantage and the success of your company depends on the lowest possible cost in the value chain in comparison to your benchmarks. This advantage generates more strategic options and possible courses of action for you.


Lean processes in these core competences can be achieved by a consistent analysis of potential waste and weak spots. The whole value chain is retarded by long processing times or throughput. This leads to reduced availabilities and disturbs flexible reaction to your customers’ demands.
We are striving for the sustainable economic success of your enterprise and do not just look for the short term benefits.
We visualize all single elements of your value chain by using measurable indicators and let your internal experts work on the continuous improvements of figures and contents.
You will be in the position to steadily raise your competitiveness by passing on savings to your customers. Or you take advantage of the higher margin for further growth.

Our understanding of a „Lean Supply Chain Management“ is to scrutinize key processes permanently and adopt them.