The objectives: Continuous Improvement

Right at the beginning of the project we plan to deliver implementation within a defined time schedule. Together we will set off on a journey with very promising goals, passing several milestones finally leading to success. We will find a new path, off the beaten track.

Change to the best
Core content of the philosophy is the “change to the best” [jap.: kai zen kaizen]
Value stream analysis:
The current state
We start with the verification of existing value streams and process flows and identify potential weak spots.
Modelling and verification
We question the prevailing situation and in workshops with your employees we work out new targets involving a change in the processes.
After the first successful implementations your team will be in a position to plan new processes, establish and control them and if necessary adapt them on their own by using the PDCA-cycle.
Finally your organization should be in a position to instigate changes, once initialized, without consultants. For this purpose standards of stability and substantiality of what has been achieved will become evident.

The willingness to change is learnable.