The objectives: Controlling

You want to ensure sustainability in pursuing visions and values for your enterprise. Customers searching for extraordinary services and products will find what they have been looking for. We identify together with our customers hidden potential of employees, equipment and processes.

The customer expectation
We share the customer’s point of view and review the effects on quality, cost and service level to maintain a sustainable optimization.
We identify the potentials in this QCS-triangle and operate these important levers so that your customers get the best that they deserve.
The measurability
Together we develop or adapt your set of key performance indicators. We prefer to use a small number of KPI’s, but reliable and significant ones, with everything brought into line with your operations. This leads us to transparency about the objectives throughout the whole organization.
Make your department staff into control experts of their own processes. As specialized teams they will be able to organize the daily work in such a way as to influence the profitability of the whole enterprise by their daily work.
The productivity
We are convinced that motivated people and highly efficient use of equipment makes the difference.
Besides the pure focus on the efficiency of your machinery and equipment by indicators like the „overall equipment effectiveness“, it has to be identified whether all spare capacities have already been exploited.
The employees
We are the specialists of small steps. But those are made consistently. Continuous improvement means establishing stabilization between the big steps made by innovation.
Your team members will be able to fulfil their tasks more efficiently once they have the chance to widen their scope, which enables them to take on more responsibility as relevant parts in the whole process.

We stand for success in facts and figures.