The basis: The way to success

We provide the final element to link your visions and objectives to the final implementation. You are faced with service and production challenges and would like to resolve the frequently contradicting needs of vendors, customers, management team & employees, carrying out your daily operations.
Therefore the following five questions will be of great concern to you:

The objectives
Consulting – realizing situations, initiating change.
Controlling – creating transparency, setting objectives.
Continuous Improvement – involving staff, supervising implementation.
The success factors: Lean Supply Chain Management
Optimization of process flow, products & services, organization & responsibilities.
lean, sustainable, continuous, measurable
The challenges: Fast Moving Consumer Goods industries
Convincing increasingly demanding customers by quality, cost and service level.
flexible, market-oriented, customer-centred, groundbreaking, innovative
The change manager
With ZINNDORF consulting you can rely on experts who know the stakeholders of your industry because of their longterm operational and strategic expertise with well known enterprises.
Taking positive action means maintaining a competitive edge or closing the gap to your competitors by increased efficiency.

With experts for organisational and process optimization in production, scheduling, vendor management, logistics and distribution.